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Manpower supply services and sub-contracting in the construction works

Proweld Engineering Sdn Bhd, located in Klang, is a well-established construction workforce solution provider as well as a CIDB G7 licensed sub-contractor in Malaysia.

We help companies from various sectors to overcome their challenges in rising workloads and a shortfall of in-house labor availability. Our one-stop workforce solution for manpower provide solutions to the requirements of the general and technical service for all major construction and industrial sectors such as civil & structural, mechanical, piping, pipeline, marine & shipyard construction, manufacturing, and oil & gas projects.

Construction’s Many Areas of Expertise

With a proven track record spanning over 10 years, we are capable of offering fully-integrated and cost-effective solutions to our clients, delivering effective end-to-end solutions meeting respective client’s specific requirements on timely delivery and quality standards.

  • Oil & Gas | Proweld EngineeringOil & Gas
  • Sub-Contracting In Civil Structural | Proweld EngineeringCivil & Structural
  • Foundation & Geotechnical | Proweld EngineeringFoundation & Geotechnical
  • Mechanical Construction | Proweld EngineeringMechanical Construction
  • Pipeline Construction | Proweld EngineeringPipeline

Why Choose Us

We evaluate client’s real issues and respond to the needs of our clients based on our vast experiences not only within oils and gas sector but also in general industries. Choosing our services in Malaysia, we could save your time, reduces your costs, and create a peace of mind.

Saving Your Money on Labour Costs

Choosing Proweld Engineering can be advantageous for you because you do not need to spend on the recruitment and training of your employees.


Flexible Contracts Duration

Different companies have different requirements for the workforce. Whether you need labour supply for six months or a year, we can provide them for you to meet your requirements.


Reliable Manpower

Our team knows how to select your required manpower from a whole group of different people based on the criteria set by the employer. With our proper screening, you will get a reliable, skilled and competent workforce.


Reduce Time/Costs of Employed Staff

We will handle manpower recruitment process for your HR department. You do not have to incur unnecessary costs of employing additional staff to reduce overheads.


Industry Expertise

As an organisation ,we are capable to practically design, fabricate and install any commercial or industrial works. As both manpower supply provider and construction subcontractor, we understand industry trends, employer’s needs, candidate expectations, and impact of supply and demand on the job market.


One Supplier, One Relationship

We enjoy a high level of trust from our clients, who repeatedly employ our services time and time again. We listen, understand, and advise.


Committed to Health and Safety

Every manpower we provide is properly trained and certified to industry standards, ensuring their contribution to a healthy and safe workplace.


Save Time

We provide different kinds of workforce for the different industries. Whatever your sector is, you can choose our manpower supply services to save your valuable time for something else.


Unlimited Access to skilled workers

We have unlimited access to a skilled pool of talent and provide a skilled and talented workforce on short notice.

Our Clients

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